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Setting the Stage for Everyone’s Artistic Talents

VSA Tennessee, established in 2001, is part of an important history of equality and opportunity in the arts. In keeping with the mission of the international non-profit that is our namesake, we provide people with disabilities opportunities to participate in, learn through and enjoy the arts. This was Jean Kennedy Smith’s vision when she founded VSA arts in 1974, and today, we are still setting the stage for everyone’s artistic interests and abilities. In partnership with and in support of young artists, parents and educators, we work to ensure there are resources, tools and opportunities for arts programming in schools and communities statewide.

VSA Tennessee is made possible in part through funding from VSA arts under an award from the U.S. Department of Education and generous contributions from sponsors and volunteers. All donations—money, time or in kind—allow us to offer and/or support an array of arts education programs and events. From music and theater to visual arts and dance, we strive to open the wide-ranging world of the arts to Tennessee students at school and in the community.

VSA Music ClassFor Students of All Ages

Whether the art you love comes on a canvas, in a script, through a melody or on the stage, we have educational programs and presentation and performance opportunities throughout the year. Check our calendar now to see what’s coming up and start planning your participation, and stay in touch weekly through Facebook and Twitter, as well. We want to hear from you, experience your artistic talents and share in your dreams and ideas. Make the connection today!

If you’re a parent or teacher of a talented student who also happens to have unique challenges, then you’re well aware of the importance of arts education and performance opportunities. The arts can be a phenomenal teaching tool—sparking confidence, understanding and interpersonal skills while enhancing academic knowledge.

Consider VSA Tennessee your partner in opening the world of arts to the capable kids in your life. We are your resource for educational programs, performance opportunities and arts events. Connect with us to expand students’ horizons and broaden their learning. We’ll work together to keep arts at the heart of the matter at school and in the community.

Learn more about our programs and training resources here.

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