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Borderless Arts Tennessee is a statewide organization committed to inclusive and accessible arts programs for people with disabilities to enhance educational curriculum, enrich creative expression, empower career development, and encourage community engagement.


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Two weeks from today Borderless Arts TN will be getting on an airplane headed for Belgium! We will be participating in activities designed by the US Embassy in Belgium.
How Did This Happen?

You could say that this entire project happened due to a ship and the stars.

The LST ship in Evansville Indiana provided inspiration last June for art projects that would pay tribute to the 80th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge while learning about the connection between WWII and the arts.

In August of 2023, Borderless Arts hosted a project with astronaut Nicole Stott and her friend in the arts. While working on the space project, we discussed the WWII project and Nicole suggested that we tell the US Embassy in Belgium about what we were planning.

US Embassy’s Response

The US Embassy became intrigued not only with the Battle of the Bulge project, but with the overall operations of Borderless Arts. They invited us to be part of a cultural arts exchange that would serve two purposes.

The first purpose of the exchange is for the group to meet with organizations that serve people with disabilities to demonstrate how the arts can have an impact on the lives of those they serve. We will also visit with arts organizations to share how to make the arts accessible. The point of these visits and conversations is to demonstrate how the arts can enhance education, enrich lives, and encourage professional development….all part of our mission statement.

The second purpose of the exchange is to be a part of the ceremony at Bastogne that pays honor to those who fought at the Battle of the Bulge. We will share dance, gifts, and have the opportunity to lay a wreath at the ceremonies.

How Are We Preparing?

The group is working hard under the artistic direction of Lauren Rudd to create a Quilt of Valor that will be presented in a special ceremony to Colonel Edward Dupont who is the US Senior Defense Official and Defense Attache’ to the Kingdom of Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the European Union.

The dancers are working under the artistic direction of Jennifer James on a special performance for the US Ambassador of Belgium.

The group is studying the Battle of the Bulge and collecting a number of art items they have made for gifts to those we meet.

A buzz is in the air as we prepare for this special opportunity.

Why Is this Special?

In October, Borderless Arts TN was honored to receive the Governor’s Arts Award in Arts Leadership. This was quite an accomplishment for such a small organization. Yet, with this upcoming trip, we are continuing to demonstrate that our participants are arts leaders and ambassadors for the disability community not only in their communities and in TN, but in the world. It is a chance for them to represent their State and their Country in a most honorable manner.

Special Thanks!
A few very special friends of Borderless Arts TN stepped up to make sure this opportunity would happen. Some needed a special 5 star salute. We salute:
Robbie Ammons
*****Tony Brown
Veronica Crook
******Penley Produce Vacation Homes
*****Public Consulting Group
Robert Rhinehart
Alicia Stewart

Public Consulting Group



Latest News

Quilt of Valor

Quilt of Valor

Borderless Arts Tennessee participants are cutting, piecing, ironing and sewing to make a Quilt of Valor of for Colonel Edward Dupont, the Senior Defense Official to the Kingdom of Belgium. Thank you to our supporters: Memorial Foundation, William N Rollins Art Fund...

Student Sharing

Student Sharing

The Student Sharing of the Estelle Condra Education Collaborative took place this morning. Thanks to our participating schools: Bartlett elementary, Norris Elementary and Union Elementary. Thanks to our supporters of this program International Paper, Meta Gallatin,...

The American Legion

The American Legion

The last stop of the historic weekend tour in Evansville Indiana was to the American Legion Funkhouser Post 8. This post is housed in what used to be the Alpine Haus Restaurant. The Alpine Haus was built by two German immigrants, one of which was my grandfather, just...

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