You have been hearing about the Cornball Comedy Competition, but let’s talk about exactly what is taking place at this event.

As the name implies, this event includes an amateur comedy competition. We have 6 great acts including: Nicholas Bush, Sonia Fernandez Le Blanc, Zach Lambert, William Langston, Carol Ponder, and Tammy Vice. All of the acts will be doing 3-5 minutes of clean family fun.

However, the comedians are not the only entertainment! Young Soloists Austin Anthony, Drew Basham and Maggie Perry will be entertaining the audience throughout the evening. The Dulcimer Choir will be playing music to greet folks as they enter. Also, our new theater group will perform a short dance routine. All of these talented young artists would love to have you come out and support their performances.

Awards will be presented to the Volunteer of the Year to Crystal McKee, Patron on the Year to Robbie Ammons, and certification awards to various Teapot Diplomats including: Austin Cox, Austin King, Meghan Maynard, Thomias Moshopoulos, Hope McKee, Erica McMurray, Maggie Perry, Jennifer Scallorn, Torie Summers.

Feeling hungry yet? The Corn Made Cooking Contest will offer a host of tasty treats. You can enter your own item to win a prize or vote for your favorite dish.

If you want to get actively involved in the evening, bid on some great items at the silent auction or bring a friend and compete in the Cornhole Competition.

More excitement just keeps popping up. We are pleased to announce 4 exciting additions to this event:

1) Carol Grace Anderson has agreed to be our special guest musician. Our Young Soloists will honor her work as a motivational singer, but also her connection with the show Hee Haw.

2) Tim Oliphant has agreed to be our honored artist. Mr. Ollie’s cartoons and illustrations have appeared in such publications as The Saturday Evening Post, Woman’s World, American Legion, Boy’s Life, Highlights for Children, Cobblestone, Odyssey, Appleseeds, Dig, and many others. He also has a strong tie to education as a teaching artist with the Tennessee Arts Commission and offering workshops for Borderless Arts TN.

3) Our new theater program is going to be incorporating some music and dance. Some of our new performers will be having their dance debut under the artistic direction of Anna Tison. The performers are: Trey Howell, Austin King, Erica McMurray and Maggie Perry.

4) As we were looking for a photographer for our event, we never dreamed that we would get a famous one! Randy Dorman toured with Kenny Rogers for 30+ years as his guitarist; he is an accomplished commercial and classical guitar player. Randy also handled most of the ‘on tour” photography work and all “Meet & Greets” . He know is a professional photographer.

New excitement keeps “popping” up with this program.

There are so many reasons to come out for this great event. It is terrific family fun at an affordable prize, there are many talented individuals to support, and you are supporting a great cause.

So what are you waiting for? Go to and get your tickets today. If the date does not work for your calendar, you can still support this event by purchasing tickets and letting us know that you will not be using the tickets. We will then send you a letter for your tax records and we will use the tickets for families of individuals with disabilities who cannot afford the tickets.

It is going to be a”maze”ing! Get those tickets now!

Sponsors are: Ajax Turner, Brown Family Endowment, Estelle Condra, Falcon Fabricators, Lexus of Nashville, Public Consulting Group, and Zanies