Young adults with disabilities from Borderless Arts Tennessee will be partnering with the Nashville Children’s Theatre for a free performance on Saturday, March 7th, at 4 p.m. to present five-minute versions of Hans Christian Andersen fables using shadow puppets. These participating artists will be taking part in workshops throughout February to learn how to create and operate shadow puppets under the guidance of two theater production artists. Artists will also be taught how to work as a team for a successful performance by two theater performance teaching artists.

This event follows a sensory-friendly production of Hans Christian Andersen by the Nashville Children’s Theatre and is funded by the Tennessee Arts Commission with support from Mark and Niki Antonini through the Teapot Diplomat program.

The Borderless Arts participants include:

Hannah Antonio

Aubrey O Callaghan

Austin King

Matthew Loveland

Lizzie Markham

Hope McKee

Erica McMurray

Thomais Moshopoulos

Maggie Perry

Jonathan Pfieffer

Torie Summers

Story submitted by Borderless Arts TN Intern Emily Garrett

*Special thanks to intern Joey Barnett for attending this workshop as a representative of Borderless Arts and taking photos