Face Off artists Adam Boyd, Austin King, Lizzie Markham, Hope McKee, Erica McMurray, Thomias Moshopoulos, Jon Pfeiffer, Collin Ransom and Torie Summers made the amazing portraits of famous people that are attached under the artistic direction of Dee Kimbrell.
We want YOU in the picture. Email Borderless Arts TN and tell us which one you want to be. We will email you the portrait and instructions on how to put your face in the picture. We will share these later. Great time to learn a new skill.
This project is supported by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, Tennessee Arts Commission, Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, and the Nashville Predators Foundation. It is done in partnership with the Tennessee State Museum. It is a Borderless Arts Tennessee Teapot Diplomat program, which is supported by Mark and Niki Antonini.
The photos are too large to upload here, but go to our Facebook page and you can see them there. The featured image is of the Sumner Tourism Director, Barry Young, as Elvis.