Borderless Arts Tennessee is excited to begin a project called Hear the Fashion. In this project, our Teapot Diplomats will learn about cultures on every continent. Through their learning, they will create a fashion item including: hats, scarves, shirts, skirts, mittens, a breastplate and masks. The fashion items will also produce sounds.
Special thanks to our dedicated lead artists:Charlie Calderon and Lauren Rudd for their dedication to this project. The program is funded through a Tennessee Arts Commission grant and support from Mark and Niki Antonini.
Charlie Calderon is preparing for one of his upcoming sessions regarding the Native Americans of North America. He met with Mrs. Rose McKeithen who is an enrolled member of the Northern Cheyenne in Montana. She is also Lakota Sioux. Mrs. Rose is a former USAF and NAVY having served 12 years. She also serves as the Keeper of the Flags for the Pow-Wow. She currently works with Veterans, NAIA, women’s support groups and is an assistant Chaplin with Band of Sisters. She is a lifetime member and board secretary for NAIA. Rose also does educational speaking engagements for NAIA. Ms. McKeithen worked with Charlie to complete the prototype of the North America choker plates with a Percussion element.
Mrs. McKeithen will donate the center pendant, deer bones, beads to each Teapot Diplomat participant, as each pendant has a meaning.