The last stop of the historic weekend tour in Evansville Indiana was to the American Legion Funkhouser Post 8. This post is housed in what used to be the Alpine Haus Restaurant.

The Alpine Haus was built by two German immigrants, one of which was my grandfather, just prior to WWII. They had moved to the US to escape what was happening in Germany at that time. In 1959, they sold the restaurant to the American Legion. The last event that they held at this restaurant was the wedding reception for my parents.

The American Legion was more than gracious on this visit. They set up a special room just for our group and decorated it with flags and American Legion materials. A history was presented about the American Legion and a tour was given of the restaurant. During the tour, the many hand-painted murals that decorate the walls upstairs and downstairs were pointed out. These murals are original from the late 1930’s/early 1940’a. The group presented a glass poppy piece of art to the American Legion along with a challenge coin and patch.

The group had their dinner at this restaurant and the commander of the post generously picked up half of the tab!

The hospitality was unsurpassed.