Drew Basham, Borderless Arts Tennessee Young Soloist winner, was the special music guest on Channel 4’s Today In Nashville on Friday. As you may remember, in May Jennifer James, Erica McMurray and I were on this show to discuss the upcoming trip to Belgium for Borderless Arts Tennessee participants. I noticed that they had a special music guest and I asked them about this. They said they showcase upcoming talent and that they had a long list. I asked about possibly showcasing one of our Young Soloists in Oct as it is Disability Awareness Month. They asked me to send in a video and they would consider it. There was nearly an immediate response to Drew and they did not need to wait until Disability Awareness Month.

Drew had a wonderful day as I understand he got to meet David Koechner who was also on the show. He is a fan of this actor. He also met another band that was waiting to tape a segment and they recognized Drew from other performing jobs.

If you saw the show, you know he did an amazing job performing an original song, Waves. We are so proud of Drew….and all of our Young Soloists.