Learn about the world around you by participating through the arts…that is what the ACE Institute is all about.

ACE is a 12 week Art Institute. The Institute will be divided into 3 4-week sessions:

May will focus on Latin America with Dance (Jennifer James), Music (Mulstple artists) and visual arts (Dee Kimbrell)

June will focus on Asia with Dance (Jennifer James), Music (multiple artists) and visual arts (Carlos Calderon)

July will focus on Africa with Dance (Jennifer James), Music (multiple artists) and Visual Arts (Monica Leister)

Art Instruction will be provided FREE of charge in a digital manner through Youtube videos for 3 weeks of the month on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. One day will focus on music, one day on visual arts and one day on dance. On the 4th week, each of the instructors will conduct a Zoom session in which the participants can interact and share what they have learned with each other and with their instructor.

Certificates of completion will be provided for completion of each 4-week session.

This is Free, but please register your interest in participation. Let us know when you register if you wish to participate in one particular session, two sessions or all three.

This is part of the Teapot Diplomat program and supported by Mark and Niki Antonini.