On May 3 & 4, participants of Borderless Arts TN traveled a couple of hours north to Evansville Indiana as it is a WWII Heritage City. The group continued its educational and artistic pursuits connected to WWII as we continue our tribute to the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge.

Saturday morning more participants joined us, and we began early at the LST-325 which is the only operational LST still in existence.

Last year I visited this memorial. During that visit, it occurred to me the tremendous impact that WWII had on all forms of the arts and also how the arts were used for many wartime efforts from posters, to pins, to USO shows to Ghost armies and more. It was this memorial that served as an inspiration for the Borderless Arts TN Battle of the Bulge project.

The group received the opportunity to learn about this ship and view the many pieces of art that are still on board.