Congratulations to Drew Basham for securing the 2024 Young Soloist title at the Nashville Parthenon on April 4.  Drew began performing with the Young Soloist program before he was even old enough to compete.  This was his final compete as he will not age out of the program, but this will not be good-bye as we certainly plan to continue to showcase his talents.

2nd place went to our favorite cowboy, Andrew Braach.  This young man continues to grow as a performer and entertainer…and now he is adding songwriting to his list of talents.  He will be the man to be reckoned with in future competitions.

3rd place was secured by Eric Mather-Burks.  This young man began his association with Borderless Arts years ago as a member of the Dulcimer Choir.  He still continues his dulcimer connection with one of the other former members, Micah Elliott, as they are known as the Dulcimer Dudes.  He currently participates in the guitar choir.  This multi-instrumentalist writes, produces and performs.

Caleb Wilson is a favorite in this program and he won Fan Favorite.  This young man is all heart.  He has been a fighter all of his life as he was born weighing only a little over a pound.  He is deaf/blind and has Autism.  Yet, music is his means of connecting with others and his piano performances get better every year.

The Borderless Dance Community and Guitar Choir also performed during the evening

We received a very special treat with a performance by Jonathan Yudkin as a guest artist.

The program was supported by First Horizon Foundation, Diane and David Black, and the US branch of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy.  Middle Tennessee State University students served as volunteers for the event.