Each year, Borderless Arts Tennessee offers free residency programs across the State of Tennessee in which the arts are used as a tool in special education classrooms to help support math and science concepts.

The 2019/2020 residencies will have a focus on “Radio” or some will be a more general concept of sound. We are doing this to tie into a project that we will do in the fall of 2019 celebrating the 100th anniversary of RCA.

A residency can last for 3-5 days, which can be completed consecutively or in intervals. The cost of the artist and supplies are free to the school.

In order to apply, a school must contact Borderless Arts Tennessee at userk7706@comcast.net and provide us with the following information:
1) Name of the School:
2) Name, phone and email of the contact at the school:
3) Grade level of students:
4) Number of students:
5) Please rank in order from 1 being your top choice which art form you would prefer to have in the classroom: Drama/Movement, Music, Visual Arts.

Residencies are provided on a first request basis.

Residencies are supported by a contract with the Tennessee Department of Education. For the past several years, the residencies have also been supported with a contract from the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. We will not know about the JFK contract until summer.