Jennifer is a 27 year old artist from Mt Juliet with Autism. She has always had a love for the arts. She used the arts as a method of communication and expression before she could talk. At age 6, an amazing teacher, Diane Kirby, took a special interest in Jennifer. Mrs. Kirby worked with her over the next years and instilled in her a love for learning and encouraged Jennifer to keep doing art as a part of her therapy and to improve her artistic talent.
Jennifer studied art with Christine Pilkinton from 2011 to 2018 at school and at her art studio in Madison. Jennifer’s artwork has been included in exhibits at Monthaven Mansion, Green Hills Library, Hotel Preston and the Hendersonville Library.
Jennifer has been a Teapot Diplomat with Borderless Arts Tennessee since 2017 and through this program she has explored many different forms of art, music and education.
Borderless Arts noticed her interested in cartooning and created a mentoring opportunity for her with world renown cartoonist Guy Gilchrist. We are please to provide a one-woman show of her work that has resulted from this mentoring opportunity at the Hendersonville Library through the end of November.
Please visit the Hendersonville Library to see the wonderful work of this talented artist.
The Teapot Diplomat program is supported by Mark and Niki Antonini
*Jennifer has also been asked to submit art for a children’s book!