Last Friday, it was back to Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium.
Our participants really had the red carpet treatment as they toured the facilities, had an animal encounter and then the main reason we were there…..Arty entered the shark tank. Media was also present for this event and I hope to share those stories once printed. Children in the aquarium were lining up to the tank to get their pictures taken with him.
For those of you new to the Arty project, he is made of neoprene and decorated with sewn items. The one side shows our oceans with conservation. The other side shows what can happen to our oceans without conservation.
He was a new art technique for our participants. Also, he fit our water conservation themes of art. However, the main reason we did this project is that in a couple of weeks a MOTE diver will take him into the ocean and dive with him while taking photos. This is our 20th anniversary year and the only place we could think that our art has not been is into the ocean!
Participants who worked on this project included A.j. Boyd, Austin King, Jonathan Pfeiffer, Nathan Miller, Hope Alexandria McKee, Erica McMurray, Torie Summers and Letta Williams from the Nashville Predators. The project was led by Lauren Emery Rudd. The Mote divers commented on the quality workmanship of the shark.
This was a Teapot Diplomat program of Borderless Arts TN and did receive some support from Mark and Niki Antonini. It was also supported by the Nashville Predators Foundation empowered by Smile Direct Club