Borderless Arts Teaching Artist and mixed media fiber artist, Bailey Earith, has created a kinetic art installation that deals with the varied emotions people are feeling during the COVID-19 personal isolation mandates.

The piece is titled: ‘With a Song in Our Heart: Songs of Our Times’. The artist’s statement reads: Music expresses our deepest emotions. During our current world situation, we are experiencing different emotions each day as we strive to cope. This artwork is comprised of song lyrics submitted by people across this country representing their many feelings during this time: love, loss, humor, frustration and rage. As the flags blow in the breeze, these words send our collective emotional energy into the universe.

The colorful artwork is currently being enjoyed by Ms Earith’s neighbors in Maryville, TN as they shelter in place. As businesses and venues reopen, the public will be able to view the installation as it travels to various locations. Businesses who are interested in displaying this work are encouraged to contact Bailey Fiber Art Studio.