You really don’t want to be left out of this project and you still have time to join.

Through this project, participants learn about music, design, architecture and the role of monuments.  They learn how to use technology such as Jamboards and visual images to complete a project. They will create an architectural design that will be reviewed by Cassetty Architects and then have a chance to create a model of a drawing.

It is a project that will definitely stretch the participant and requires some outside homework.  However, the lessons learned and the end product will be well worth the efforts.

Even if you fear you cannot complete a portion of the project, you can still sign up and participate to your comfort level.

I see Songbirds as a definite next step in the development of our programs.  It requires multiple steps and builds on information from various sources.

Let your imagination and creativity take flight and be a Sumner Songbird.  The first design session will be Feb. 13 with Dee Kimbrell.  Below are links to the first two introductory videos.  Dee also has some homework for those wanting to join us on Feb. 13

Thanks to Cassetty Architects, Barry Young and the Sumner Tourism, Trish Fitzgerald, Christian Kissinger and Public Consulting Group. The funding from this project comes from an ABC Grant of the Tennessee Arts Commission and Mark and Niki Antonini.