Here is what I can tell you:

  • Borderless Arts Tennessee continues to offer arts programs and services in a digital manner across the State every week for individuals with disabilities! COVID-19 and social distancing has not stopped our work.
  • Over 20 visual artist, musicians, dancers and theater artists look to Borderless Arts for a pay check. For some of these, we may be a small stream of income in their livelihood. For others, we are a significant part of their livelihoods.  I think it is important to note that we are an employer and our funding impacts more than just the program participants.
  • Borderless Arts was invited to visit the United Nations to share our program. This is something we still plan to do, but have put it off to 2021.  As many of you may remember, in 2018 we represented the United States in an international forum in Egypt. In 2015, we coordinated a project that resulted in a piece of art that is considered a piece of American Cultural heritage by the US State Department.  The point is that our participants are learning skills at a high level and their work is being recognized at a national level and around the world.

On May 6, the Big Payback returns.  The good part of this program, is that it allows us to leverage funds that you give us for potential prizes and matches. The bad news is that you are going to be receiving a LOT of requests for support on this date from many worthwhile programs.

Borderless Arts just asks that as you consider your gifts on that day that you consider us as one of the organizations that you support.  Consider all of the things you know about us and all that I have shared above and recognize that our annual budget each year is under $100,000 and never in 19 years have we run “into the red”.

 That should tell you that your dollar goes far and is managed well while it impacts many.

Giving is simple.  Just go to and donate.  The Big Payback has opened up donation giving so that you can even do this today and do not have to wait until May 6.  Also, today is Giving Tuesday.