A significant project that Borderless Arts Tennessee has undertaken for its Teapot Diplomat Visual Arts Program in 2023, is the celebration of the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.
The Boston Tea Party had can still be felt in our lives today with the obvious impact being that it was a key element leading to the Revolution which formed our country.
We welcome past, present and new Teapot Diplomats to embrace this unique program. When the Teapot Diplomats was formed, it was formed with the idea that we all have a duty to use our talents for the betterment of our communities and to impact the world in a positive manner. Borderless Arts believes the Boston Tea Party project provides our participants with the chance to learn about our countries history in an engaging manner while ending up with a piece of art that we hope will be enjoyed by our friends in Boston.
Let’s Take a Look at the Program:
The Patriot Project
The Patriot Project will be comprised of 3 quick and easy 30 minute sessions with Jessica Warren. Jessica will share some fact regarding the Liberty Bell, Flag and Statue of Liberty followed by a quick craft. These sessions will all be completed by Zoom at 7pm on Wednesday evenings: Feb. 1, 8 & 15. Those completing all 3 will receive a certification
Collage Art
On Saturdays March 18 & 25, participants will meet from 10am-noon at Middle Tennessee State University with Lauren Emery Rudd. The focus will be to create a collage of the historic Boston Harbor. The fiber will be stained in both tea and coffee. The style will mimic that of William N. Rollins who was a Nashville artist who moved to Boston. He has since passed away, but has left a legacy for the arts with an endowment at the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee that annually supports arts projects….and is supporting this project. The final piece will be presented to a key corporate supporter of Borderless Arts – Public Consulting Group (PCG) – whose corporate headquarters are in Boston.
China Painting
China Painting has a long history with the White House and it is a history that Angie Matte knows well. Angie will be sharing her knowledge of this history and helping participants paint a mug and plate with the Boston Tea Party theme on Saturday, April 22 and 29 at Trinity Lutheran Church – Gallatin TN from 10am-noon (this is limited to 10 participants).
It’s Time for a Tea Party!
You cannot have a Tea Party without a Tea Party!!! On April 29 after China Painting, Jazmine Williams who runs Tea Rose, will host a Tea Party from 1pm-2pm for up to 10 participants. And then we just might have to dump some tea!
You can elect to just participate in 1 or 2 events….or come and be a true Patriot and do it all! Some activities do have limited space.
This program is supported by a William N Rollins Fund Grant through the Community Foundation of Middle TN, The Memorial Foundation, funded in part from a SUP grant from the Tennessee Arts Commission and Mark and Niki Antonini.