Borderless Arts TN is pleased to be able to have a briefing with the United Nations and finally present their quilt that they made with Lauren Rudd to represent the numerous international art exchanges that the group has done since the Teapot Diplomat program was established in 2016. The presentation and briefing will be held with Sofija Korac.
Sofija Korac is the Senior Human Rights and Health Adviser at United States Mission to the United Nations.
Sofija previously worked on human rights issues for the bureau of democracy, human rights, and labor at the State Department. Originally from Belgrade, Serbia, Sofija and her family immigrated to the United States in the mid-1990s. Sofija started her career off working on disability rights in the Balkans both with the United Nations and civil society during the time when Serbia and others in the region ratified the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities (CRPD). Sofija is fluent in five languages including her native Serbian and English, an avid theatre-goer, and theatre director on the side.
Sofija also grew up playing a variety of adaptive sports including wheelchair basketball, track and field, swimming, weightlifting, and currently does adaptive rowing. Sofija has a Bachelor of Arts in international relations and Spanish from the Johns Hopkins University and a Master of Arts in international law from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.
The Teapot Diplomat program is supported by Mark and Niki Antonini