Borderless Arts TN teaching artist Jennie Harriman visited IBEW Local Union 760 to get acquainted with them and to learn more about what the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and its members do.

The story of the IBEW 760 along with photos were taken to the Marcella Center for the Arts and Education to be shared with a handful of young artists who were gathered there to learn about working on commission. There was a lot of history to learn and interesting stories behind the symbols that are part of the internationally recognized emblem of the IBEW.

From the beginning, the IBEW has focused on worker safety.

During the meeting, the artists learned about the tools and equipment that electricians use on the job.

After learning about the IBEW, the artists brainstormed and then began to work on some preliminary sketches.

The Knoxville skyline was first created with paper templates that would serve as a pattern for the placement of the buildings. Buildings were cut, sanded and placed using the paper templates.  After weeks of planning and working, the piece is very nearly finished.

After most of the components were completed, the buildings were attached and windows were added. The last step included adding the frame, lightning bolts, and battery-operated lights.