Calling for art or poems that demonstrate how individuals can help those around them stay healthy.

Send a jpeg photo of the art with the artist’s name and the name of the art to  by April 3 at 5pm.  Poems should be sent as a word document and should not be longer than 5 lines.

Some of the art and poems will be shared at on April 4th during an online event that will take place from 9am-1pm. In addition, all of the poems and art will be complied and placed online at later this summer.


Purpose of the Project:

When issues such as the Coronavirus occur, it can leave individuals feeling helpless and scared.  In order take back a sense of control, people sometimes engage in behaviors that are not always beneficial for the community as a whole.  This has been seen recently in the over purchasing of toilet paper. ”“When faced with an uncertain situation, people feel better if they can eliminate one risk,” Dr. Jay Zagorsky, a senior lecturer with BU’s Questrom School of Business, said in an email to “Bulk buying toilet paper eliminates the small risk of running out if quarantined. People might not be able to eliminate the risk of catching coronavirus but they can eliminate the risk of running out of toilet paper, which makes most people feel they have some control in this very uncertain situation.” This is just one example that demonstrates that people need an outlet when they are facing difficult uncertainties.

Borderless Arts believes that the arts help empower individuals to express their fears in a positive manner and to creatively seek solutions.

The Teapot Diplomat visual arts program of Borderless Arts Tennessee began in 2015 with a mission to use the arts to bring communities together on a local, state, national and global level while addressing issues in a positive manner. The name of the program reflects that tea and the arts have been used for ages to bring people together in conversation.  In this situation, the name of the program also lends itself to this particular issue as tea is a natural way to help us stay healthy.

The Teapot Diplomats believe “Creativi-TEA for Immuni-TEA” is the type of project they have been called to do in serving others.

This is a project of The Teapot Diplomat Program of Borderless Arts Tennessee

This is an MTSU Comm 2200 EXL project

The Teapot Diplomat Program is supported by Mark and Niki Antonini