This week I wanted to share with you what my studies in the dance department look like. Since we have to stay home take class live online via Zoom, and create lesson plans for my professors to review, very similar to the classes I make for all. I’m very thankful to have a major that I love and this wonderful opportunity with ya’ll that go so well together.

This week we had to create a breakdown Modern Dance Lesson that related to an “Element of Dance.” I chose Energy and Breath. I wanted to relate of our breath reflects the flow and dynamic of energy in our bodies. So…long story short, tonight’s class I am sharing my assignment with you. (When filming I simply instructed to you, since we were to pretend to instruct to a class.)

[I also included a small snippet of my online Contemporary class from today, with my Professor instructing us. Forever learning. Never Stop! :)]

Modern Dance Lesson Video Links:

Exercise 1-

Exercise 2-

Exercise 3-

Exercise 4-

Exercise 5-


For BAT-

Jennifer’s Contemporary Class-

Sharing another neat aspect of my learning this semester. We created movement from two statements about ourselves. Whether that be from our past experiences, current emotions, etc…Something personal that spoke to us, and then put it in motion. This class shares my movement phrase with you. I encourage you to try to find one of your own.

Dance instruction(