Join Borderless Arts TN on May 31 at 11am via Zoom as we explore the wonders of the ocean from your kitchen table the internationally known Mote Marine Institute! Learn at home about a variety of magnificent marine life, ocean conservation issues, and marine science research.
Mote virtual field trips are live, two-way, interactive experiences with their laboratory in Florida. They connect the audience to STEM subject matter experts and provide engaging science demonstrations and lively animal encounters.
Their award-winning programs are based on the 60+ years of marine research at their lab. All programs are aligned with State and National Science standards
This will lead into our project of creating “Arty The Shark”. Arty the Shark will be made out of neoprene with a Water Conservation message. Mote will take our art into the ocean and dive with it while taking photos.
Be part of this exciting experience! This is provided through funding from the Nashville Predators Foundation empowered by Smile Direct Club