Borderless Arts Tennessee has been working on a project called Face Off since last fall. The project is in partnership with the Tennessee State Museum and supported by a grant from the

Nashville Predators, an ABC grant from the Tennessee Arts Commission, and support from the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

10 historical Tennesseans were selected a variety of methods. Borderless Arts participants learned about these historical figures and created portraits under the artistic direction of Dee Kimbrell. The portraits did not have a face, hence Face Off. The participants then selected 10 living Tennesseans that they felt were influential to their lives.

The original idea was for the current Tennesseans to put their face in the portrait and the participants would take their photos. Due to the coronavirus, that session became impossible, but that has not stopped us. We are now asking our 10 current individuals to send in head shots which we will teach our participants how to place into the portraits in a digital manner…and the teaching will be done digitally.

The portraits were to be shown during Statehood Day at the TN State Museum and worn by dancers in a performance. We will do these things, but at a later date. The portraits will also be shown at that time. However, we will begin showing them digitally.

Here is our first one. Anne Pope, Director of the TN Arts Commission in the portrait of Minnie Pearl.

Thanks to our wonderful artists as we truly think outside the borders and use our creativity to continue the work of what Borderless Arts is all about.