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Jennifer Scallorn

Jennifer is a 23 year old artist from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. She has always had a love for

art, even before she could talk, using art as a means of communication and expression.

Up to the age of 5, she mainly communicated with pictures. At age 6, an amazing

teacher, Diane Kirby, came into her life and took a special interest in Jennifer. Mrs. Kirby

worked with her over the next 6 years, she instilled in her a love for learning and

encouraged Jennifer to keep doing art as part of therapy and to improve her artistic


Jennifer began studying with Christine Pilkinton in 2011 and continues her art education

to date. She loves to draw flowers and nature and her favorite medium is watercolor.

Jennifer’s work has been included in exhibits at Monthaven Mansion in Hendersonville,

Tennessee and the Green Hills Library in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jennifer is an Ambassador for Borderless Arts Tennessee for the year 2018-2019. She

has attended numerous workshops and created various types of artwork for The Teapot

Diplomats Program.

Jennifer continually has a smile on her face and her gentle nature is a blessing to

everyone. One of her favorite sayings is simply “do something creative every day”.

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