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Adam Boyd

Adam has been involved in Borderless Arts since the inception of their dance program in 2012. Some of their dance performances were: The Golden Ratio performed at the Parthenon in Nashville; a dance inspired by a Nick Cave exhibit; a Chinese Dance celebrating the Chinese New Year; and his favorite performance was dancing at half-time of an MTSU Basketball Game. Adam never misses an opportunity to perform his FAVORITE dance: Thriller.

Adam also participates in many art projects offered by Borderless Arts. For the 40 Days Around the World he assisted in the creation of a quilt that was made from quilt squares from around the world. Adam was given the opportunity to go to Washington DC to present the quilt to Jean Kennedy Smith. He created a water color piece that was used to manufacture scarves that he proudly presented to his aunts and friends. Many other projects have been offered that he has participated in such as creating art walls in a Sumner County park, Water Warriors, and involvement in Teapot Diplomats. At Christmastime Borderless Arts was selected to make ornaments for the National Christmas Tree and another year for the Tennessee Governors Christmas Tree.

Another enjoyable part of Borderless Arts is the Ambassadors program (an MTSU Student Organization) which hosts many activities and events that Adam enjoys attending not only for the activities but also the interaction with the students and building long lasting friendships.

We are grateful for all of the wonderful opportunities Borderless Arts provides for Adam and others to create and share art on a local, national and international stage.


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