April 1 was an amazing day at the Nashville Airport.  The art of the Teapot Diplomats representing the 80th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge was on display in a digital format.

Wonderful performances were given by Andrew Braach, Braden Owens, Caleb Wilson and Drew Basham.  In fact, Borderless Arts received this message on Facebook after the event:

I just wanted to reach out to this group. My wife and I are from Iowa and we ended up getting stuck in the Nashville Airport for about 6 hours. We thought it was going to be miserable considering it was Pre-TSA and we couldn’t check our bags to get into the terminal. We sat down at a coffee shop expecting to have the next 6 hours drag on, until a show sponsored by this group started at the small stage at this coffee shop. It consisted of a variety of different musicians playing guitar and piano as well as singing. The show was exceptional and the talent was amazing. The show ended with 2 of the musicians playing an impromptu song together and it was impressive how quick they were able to get on the same page. We were very impressed and seriously made a horrible situation a great one. Please give our best to the musicians that performed and we wish your organization nothing but the best. Thank you for all that you do!