Join us this Saturday, April 2 at Trinity Lutheran Church at 720 Lock Four Rd in Gallatin at 10am as we work on two important projects.

In 2022, Borderless Arts TN is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Part of that celebration is the fact that the organization has conducted art collaborations on every continent. The first art exchange was conducted with Greece. Since that time, Greece has remained a strong partner in programs with Borderless Arts and Borderless Arts has become a member of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy. Due to those reasons, the organization decided to create a piece of art that will be given as a gift to Greece in recognition of this friendship.

The art piece being created will celebrate the Antikythera Mechanism. The piece will be created by the Teapot Diplomat visual arts program of Borderless Arts under the artistic direction of Dee Kimbrell. The Office of the Prefecture of Samos, which is the office that governs the group of islands in the North Aegean, will accept the piece of art.This piece of art is being created in April 2022.

The second item that will be created will be a gift given to the Hendersonville Library on April 7 in memory of their children’s librarian Miss Betty.

To register, please contact Borderless Arts TN at