Borderless Arts has a very special visual arts project to announce!!!  The project is called “Hear the Fashion”
Participants will design and create “wearable” art that is connected to every continent on the globe.  The fashion will also have a musical component as well as be a storytelling piece of art.
Participants can sign up for all of the fashion component workshops or they can pick and choose workshops that interest them.  At this time, the plan is for participants to receive a Youtube video before the workshop to prepare the participant in what they are about to make and to begin the design process.  Then the participants will meet via zoom for creation.  The materials for the project will be mailed to participants. There is a possibility that some of these workshops may be moved from a Zoom session to an in-person session as we continue to monitor COVID-19.  However, if the individual can only participate in a digital format, arrangements will be made to keep the participant in the program.
We are planning on a style show of the art in Oct. 2021 for the 20th anniversary of Borderless Arts.
Each workshop will:
1) Take place on a Saturday morning
2) Begin at 10am and last no more than 2 hours
3) Be limited to 10 participants
Workshop options:
Oct. 24, Scarves (Asia) with Lauren Rudd
Nov. 14, Peasant shirts (Europe) with Lauren Rudd
Nov. 21, Native American Breast Plates (North America) with Carlos Calderon
Dec. 12, Mittens (Antarctica) with Lauren Rudd
Jan. 9, Skirts (Australia) with Lauren Rudd
Feb. 20, Masks (Africa) with Carlos Calderon
March 20, Hats (South America with Carlos Calderon
Please contact me if you have interest in any of the workshops.  Please list the workshops for which you wish to sign up.
This project is funded through a grant from the Tennessee Arts Commission and by Mark and Niki Antonini as part of the Teapot Diplomat program