Dec. 3 was International Day of People with Disabilities, a United Nations celebration. Borderless Arts participates in this event with our own celebration the Thursday prior to Dec. 3rd. In addition,we had some special exhibits and presentations on the actual day of International Day of People with Disabilities.
On Thursday, awards were presented to Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver, the Sumner TeenCenter, Sumner Tourism with Barry Young. Chief Donald Bandy and the Gallatin Police, Ray Boone, Isabella Orozco, Yvette Cowden, Dee Kimbrell and Congressman Diane Black who was unable to attend. Performances were presented by Drew Basham, Magdalena Perry, the Sign Choir under the direction of Andrea Baker and the Project 22 Choir under the direction of Tammy Vice. Special thanks to Patty Daniels and her CDC class at Beech High School for the food and to the Sumner Tourism for the use of space. We also thank our international partners whose art was on display: Alfn Alkhas Association Egypt (Nadia Elarabi), Tuggerah Secondary College in Australia, Fundacion Suzuki in Argentina, Moroccan Association for Kids with Down Syndome (Layla Hachimi), Pakistan Poets (Sumbal Sarwar) and VSA Hellas of Greece (Filareti Papadopoulou). Also, thanks to Lowes for the paint patches that we used as an ornament craft, Teapot Diplomats who served as volunteers and presenters of awards, and my intern Beth West.
On Dec. 3, one of the sound suits that were worn in Egypt was shown at the Tennessee Arts Commission and one of the woven items done with Morocco was given to Governor Bill Haslam’s office.