As Borderless Arts celebrates its 20th anniversary, Just Love Coffee Café is celebrating its 10th anniversary. It was through our dance artistic director, Jennifer James, that our two organizations were introduced to each other. There are several Just Love locations, but Borderless Arts was connected with the Just Love Coffee Café at 129 MTCS Drive, Murfreesboro, TN.
Once Just Love became acquainted with Borderless Arts, they offered exhibition space for 2 individual shows, which focused on Hope McKee and Rainbow Mosho. They also offered to collaborate on a 3rd exhibition that would be incorporated into their 10 year anniversary celebration.
That 3rd exhibition will open on Oct. 15 and celebrates the work of Teapot Diplomats Adam Boyd, Austin King, Erica McMurray, Rainbow Mosho, Torie Summers, and Morgan Vice. An extra plus of this exhibit is that it is coordinated by one of the Teapot Diplomats, Hope McKee with assistance from her mother Crystal McKee. Special thanks to these two women and, as always, to Mark and Niki Antonini for their support of the Teapot Diplomat Program.
There will be a reception to celebrate both the Teapot Diplomat Artists and the Just Love Anniversary on Nov. 20. Time TBA. Just Love in Murfreesboro will also celebrate the 10 days of Love beginning on Nov. 11.
More information about Just Love, which was gathered from their website, is below. Also, you will see the promotional offerings they are planning for Nov. listed below.
Just Love Coffee Cafe began when our founder and current CEO Rob Webb and his wife, Emily, made the decision to adopt. They already had two beautiful kids, Isabel and Charlie, but the call to adopt was strong for the pair. In 2009, Rob was on a flight to Ethiopia to meet his newly adopted children. This event would wind up changing not just his life and the lives of his two newly adopted children, Tigist and Amelie, but also those of countless other people. For Rob had one of those inspirational ideas — a true light-bulb moment — as he added up the expense of the adoption trip and learned of the sacrifice and challenges of people in the same situation.
What if he were to set up a business hand-roasting coffee beans as a for-profit venture that existed to help others? One that took the customers into a form of social partnership? It was a simple idea but, like all great thoughts, one that was to have enormous power. In essence, Rob decided to start a business dedicated to using hand-roasted coffees to help others whose passion was to simply just love.
The online coffee business was remarkably successful in its first year, allowing Rob to donate nearly $100,000 to families and prove that a socially conscious business could work. Just Love Coffee Roasters decided to scale up their operations and moved from an 800-square-foot space to a much larger warehouse space in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, a large and growing city southeast of Nashville.
Rob developed a simple build-out that allowed Just Love Coffee Cafe to open up very quickly. The team decided to concentrate on making the space a fun place to work, putting in comfortable seating, a long coffee bar, and bringing in several classic arcade video games. Rob wanted the coffee shop to grow organically, as the coffee online business was still booming, so he decided not to do any advertising. This was a bit of a gamble, but once students from nearby Middle Tennessee State University discovered the coffee shop, it quickly became the go-to destination for area coffee lover.
To take Just Love Coffee Cafe to the next level, Rob decided that the coffee shop needed an all-day menu. The space didn’t have a full-sized kitchen, but Rob had another light-bulb moment — he bought a waffle iron.
“I went to the supermarket and threw just about everything you can think of into a waffle iron,” Rob jokes. “But what developed was a really original menu with items that were easy to cook and delicious to eat. We appealed to a younger audience, so I really wanted a menu that was going to look good on social media. The unique shape that a waffle iron gives to, say, a breakfast burrito, not only was going to create a memorable experience, but it was also going to encourage our customers to share our food on their Instagram and Facebook profiles.”
After opening two more coffee shops, one on Nashville’s famed Music Row and the other in the ritzy Nashville suburb of Brentwood, Just Love Coffee Cafe began opening franchise locations in nearby Nashville and now has spread to several states throughout the nation.
Entire 10 days Nov. 11-20 $10 Anniversary Bag Nov. 11-20
11 Free Sample Bag, Free any size drip Coffee, Promote “Serve Strong” Coffee
12 $10 tshirts
13 10% off merchandise
14 Kids Day, Free KIDS’ meal with purch of entree
15 $10 mugs
16 10% off drinks
17 Surprises at 10 am (10 free coffee certificates throughout the day or free item to first 10 customers at 10 am)
18 10% off food
19 $10 regular label retail bags
20 Big celebration day
-free samples
-$10 tasting classes
-free popcorn
-sample new bfast products