Join Borderless Arts Tennessee on an adventure at the Smyrna Outdoor Adventure Center on Saturday June 3 from 3-6pm. This project will be part of our Light the Lamp program funded by the Nashville Predators Foundation empowered by Smile Direct Club
Participants will try the Climbing rooms station, participate in the exhibit, and experience two education stations (fossils and engineering).
For the Fossils station we will discuss what fossils are and how they are created followed by hands-on investigation of both real fossils and replica fossils
For the Engineering station we will discuss the engineering process followed by an activity where each students will try building a small “house” using limited materials (such as fuzzy craft sticks, popsicle sticks, paperclips…) for a little pom pom monster
The exhibit at the time will be “From Here to There” which will showcase how things move on land, sea and air! As you travel throughout the exhibit, you’ll encounter familiar modes of transportation like boats, planes and trucks to futuristic transportation modes like hovercrafts
This will be leading into our study of mining, fossils, minerals and gems.
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