On June 3rd at the Hendersonville Library, Borderless Arts participants will have the opportunity to work with the famous New York based Guggenheim Museum.

The group was supposed to go to New York in 2020 and again in 2021, but COVID kept changing those plans.  It was finally decided to bring New York here.  The group will gather at the library and we will zoom in the Guggenheim to be with us.

Our lead artist will first take us on a tour of the Guggenheim with the focus of exploring art that reflects nature.  We will view the art of:

  1. Frank Lloyd Wright – Guggenheim building and Falling Water
  2. James Turrell – Aten Reign (within Guggenheim building)
  3. Gabriel Orozco – Constellation series
  4. Ana Mandieta – Silueta series
  5. Van Gogh – Landscape with Snow
  6. Edouard Vuillard – Place Vintimille

We will look at the first four artists/artwork and respond with movement and perhaps a small art-making activity to encourage engagement.

The larger project will happen after the tour and focus on the art by Van Gosh and Vuillard.

The program is free, but registration is required