The Memorial Park Mosaic Wall Project is an extensive and intensive public arts project that will be taking place through the end of October. Throughout this summer, VSA TN intern, Alex Evans, will be providing weekly stories on the reason for doing this project, background on various key players in the project, and updates on the group that will be working on the project. Here is the fourtht in the series by Alex Evans.

Kathy Plourde and Wilma Richards—two artists with heart, soul, and….medallions. These seasoned artists have helped with the Memorial Wall project by crafting three art “medallions” each for the project. The medallions are, of course, shaped like a coin (a very large one, of course) and contain a scene or object(s). Kathy would like to highlight in particular the help she’s received from an assistant from VSA. These walls are infusing the walls and medallions with playful designs.

For Kathy, the favorite part of the project is being a part of the brining together of so many groups—young and old, those with special needs and those without. For Wilma, it’s about thinking about being able to take her grandchildren to the finished walls.

Both women want to put a little more love and art into Hendersonville—and into the world.