The Memorial Park Mosaic Wall Project is an extensive and intensive public arts project that will be taking place through the end of October. Throughout this summer, VSA TN intern, Alex Evans, will be providing weekly stories on the reason for doing this project, background on various key players in the project, and updates on the group that will be working on the project. Here is the 3rd in the series by Alex Evans.

Hendersonville’s Memorial Park was established nearly 60 years ago. Since then, many different projects have found a home within the park. The newest, aka the Wall Project headed by Yvette Renée, is actually being built upon the foundation of a project that occurred around 1996 to raise money for the park’s playground, Kids Kingdom. These walls became decrepit over the years due to weathering and vandalism and were due to eventually be destroyed.

Brandon Rogers, a member of the Hendersonville Parks Department, has played a vital role in this project and has been on board since Yvette Renée came to him with her idea. He has acted as a liaison between the Parks Department and Yvette. He has also helped to organize timing of events and has helped provide the project with security fencing, tools, and other important elements.

Brandon is excited for the cleaner, more uplifting look that the renovated walls will give to the park. He is also looking forward to seeing Hendersonville’s city logo incorporated into the walls and is happy about art being highlighted in Memorial Park.