The Memorial Park Mosaic Wall Project is an extensive and intensive public arts project that will be taking place through the end of October. Throughout this summer, VSA TN intern, Alex Evans, will be providing weekly stories on the reason for doing this project, background on various key players in the project, and updates on the group that will be working on the project. Here is the fifth in the series by Alex Evans.

Every hand, every heart, and even every tile is an important contribution to the Memorial Park wall project. Super Home Surplus, Refine Tile, and Louisville Tile Nashville each played a vital role in donating to the project. These included tile for the background, borders, and other uses.

Jessica Vogt says that at Louisville Tile Nashville they believe in giving back to the community in any way they can, such as volunteering time or donating recycled tile. She says that although their contribution was a small aspect of the overall vision, she hopes that this project will leave a lasting creative impression on all who see it.