Borderless Arts Tennessee is partnering with WSM on their Music for Kids program that will take place Saturday, Nov. 2 from 9am-3pm at the Grand Old Opry.

The program is free. It features 30 minute music lessons in a group of 10. There will be approximately 10 instruments, along with vocal instruction, that will be available to select between. You do not have to have any previous experience with the instrument. The sessions are led by professionals in the music industry. I am told that surprise visits are made by top recording artists, there is a special performance at lunch, and there may be a tour of the stage of the Grand Old Opry (that is still to be finalized).

I have 3 questions for you that need to be answered by next Wed Sept 4:
1) Are you interested in participating?
2) If you are interested, would your child want to be there the entire day or would you prefer to just do half a day?
3) If you do half a day, would you prefer morning or afternoon?

This is NOT a registration or confirmation for this program. Right now I am just gathering interest which I will share with WSM. At that time, we will make another plan on how many of our group they are willing to accept and what process we will use in selecting. We will be determining that information the week of Sept. 9.