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Borderless Arts Tennessee is a statewide organization committed to inclusive and accessible arts programs for people with disabilities to enhance educational curriculum, enrich creative expression, empower career development, and encourage community engagement.


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ACE Art Institute Closes Out With Africa

The Borderless Arts TN ACE Art Institute will complete its summer sessions with a focus on Africa throughout the month of July. The visual art portion will be lead by Monica Leister who teaches art for the Tennessee School for the Blind. Jennifer James will continue as the dance instructor. Participants will get to work with 3 different musicians through the month to include: Grace Jerry, Ogik Peter, and Alison Brazil.

Grace Jerry is a music artist, disability rights advocate, and peace promoter in Nigeria. She brought freshness to advocacy efforts through her unique blend of passion and music, bringing prominence to the important roles of persons with disabilities in development. Since emerging Miss Wheelchair National queen she has remained consistent in her passion to mainstream disability in development issues, through her work at Inclusive Friends where she works as director, providing direction and inspiration for change. As WaterAid Nigeria’s official spokesperson on disability in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Grace works to ensure inclusive access for persons with disabilities and to end violence through benefit concerts, the proceeds of which have provided toilets for schools serving children with disabilities. Grace plans to use the knowledge and experience she gains from the Fellowship in deepening her advocacy efforts to end discrimination and violence against women with disabilities in Nigeria.

Ogik Peter, is one of the founders of Source of the Nile Union of Persons with Albinism, a non-profit organization in Jinja, Uganda, which advocates for human rights and access to quality services for people with albinism. He uses music to raise awareness about human rights and advocate for equality around the world.

Alison Brazil is an international singer-songwriter, violinist, dancer, and educator who has toured her unique blend of soul, folk, and pop music in North, Central and South America, as well as throughout Asia. She has witnessed the power of the arts to tear down walls and build bridges as a performer, and during 10 years of teaching, in Honduras and Metro Nashville Public Schools. Alison Brazil credits her spiritual foundation of hope for her power to connect, inspire, and energize audiences and learners.

Special thanks to Charlie B. Kellett, Also, thanks to Mark and Niki Antonini for their support.


Latest News

Herb Stained Scarf Workshop

Herb Stained Scarf Workshop

Last spring, Borderless Arts had a scarf workshop planned with Carlos Calderon in May. Participants were going to use herbs to stain scarves which we planned to present at the United Nations. This workshop was canceled due to COVID. We have rescheduled this workshop...

Chinese Sachet Workshop

Chinese Sachet Workshop

Borderless Arts TN has a few sachet packets left in case you want to join us this Saturday at 10am through Zoom with Jen-Jen Lin of the Chinese Arts Alliance of Nashville as she teaches you how to make Chinese sachets. These are part of the Chinese boat races that...

Don’t Miss Out

Don’t Miss Out

You do NOT want to miss this week's ACE Art Institute of Borderless Arts TN. Carlos Calderson has provided a wondering painting workshop using a technique from India and also a workshop on making a hat from a technique from Vietnam. Jennifer James outdid her self this...

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