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Borderless Arts Tennessee is a statewide organization committed to inclusive and accessible arts programs for people with disabilities to enhance educational curriculum, enrich creative expression, empower career development, and encourage community engagement.


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Please Scroll down and you will see 5 different Teams: Coral, Green, Purple, Turquoise, and Yellow.

You will find information about the team and possible notes from their environmental partner.  You will also see a Craft, 2 flags and a chant.  Please vote on for your favorite craft.  We encourage you to go to the Borderless Arts Tennessee Facebook page at and find the team there and vote.  However, if you do not have Facebook, you may send an email to us at and cast your votes.

Votes are accepted from 9:30am-1pm.

These participants worked in teams with a professional artist and with environmental partners to create pieces of nautical art in various mediums that have a water conservation message. These Water Warriors have used their creativity and ingenuity to forge ahead by taking a project meant for the water to the Web.

Special Thanks to MTSU Intern to Borderless Arts who helped coordinate this project:  Hayley Hildner

Special Thanks to MTSU Intern to Borderless Arts who helped promote this project: Emily Garrett

Special Thanks to our judges that are selecting the Most Creative and Best Conservation Themed Crafts as well as the top flags and chants:

Mark Henry, Borderless Arts Board Treasurer

Christian Kissinger, Borderless Arts Board and represents PCG

Rachael Morrison, 4th grade teacher


This project is in partnership with:

First Place Trophy, Gallatin Lowes’, Green Village Recycling, Hendersonville Parks and Recreation, Imagination Branding, MTSU EXL program, Tennessee Environmental Council, TN Wildlife Resources Agency, Turnip Green, USCG Aux, UT Extension, Sumner County


Supported by:

The Memorial Foundation and First Horizon


With additional support from:

Mark and Niki Antonini, Lori Crues, Know the Hope, Alice Markham, Lee and Delores Markham, Becky Morgan, Don and Karen Perry, Robin Summers, and Jennifer VanVoorst




This team is led by artist Ren Maheu with an environmental partner of UT Extension of Sumner County.

Team Members include: Christian Brann, Adam Boyd, Isabella Orozco-Clementz, Jake Evens, Tate Foster, Brianna Judd, Ann Krafft, Tyson Ramsey, Abanob Sergeyous, Wanda Sowell and Jax Wiggins.

Coral Team Craft

Coral Team MTSU Chant

Paper straws or plastic straws both are a waste

Let’s save some water with something that outdates

Metal straws

Metal straws

They take the cake

We can save the turtles and keep our water great!

Coral Borderless Arts Chant

None provided

Coral MTSU Team Flag

Coral Team Borderless Arts  Flag




This team is led by artist Dee Kimbrell with an environmental partner of Green Village Recycling & Sustainability.

Team Members include: Ruby Alkhiyami, Duryea Bentley, Kennedi Douglas, Kaelyn Giles, Sarah Khader, Jon Pfieffer, Jimmy Quach, Leandra Rudd, Torie Summers, Treasa Vallomthail, Hunter VandeKamp, Martina Younan

Green Team Craft

Here is a brief video about the project

Green Team’s Conservation Message and title of project: “Under the Sea: Clean water for you and me!”

This is Green Team’s entry into the 2020 Water Warriors Digital Competition. Green team decided on using a turtle for our mascot as sea turtles have suffered tremendously from polluted waters. All of the materials in this craft are materials that, sadly, can be found in polluted waterways and all are reused materials: inner tubes, a recycled sled, leftover insulation board, recycled wire and bottle caps. Collaboration happen even while social distancing! Three families worked in isolation on this project: one created the base, one created the turtle and one created the trash garland and put it all together. GO GREEN TEAM!!

Green Team MTSU Chant

Clean oceans is what we want;

That is what we flaunt;

We will keep trying until we are there;

We are not going anywhere;

Last thing I will foresee;

Is the Green Team will save the sea.

Go Green Team


Green Team Borderless Arts Chant

“Swim to the left,

Swim to the right,

Our sea turtle will

Fight, fight, fight!”

“For clean oceans and seas,

We’re in this together,

You and Me.”


MTSU Green Team Flag


Green Team Borderless Arts Flag

Statement from Environmental Partner

A message from the Environmental Partner:




This team is led by artist Monica Leister with an environmental partner of Lowes’ Home Improvement of Gallatin.

Team Members include: Hampton Hoover, Andres Lopez, Lizzie Markham, Erica McMurray, Jose Ochoa, Maggie Perry, Daniel Pugh, Collin Ransom,  Marc Robbins,  Kay Singleton,  Alyse Verttar

Purple Team Craft

This is a Stop Motion Video.  Please view here:

Purple Team MTSU Chant

“Water Conservation and Preservation for the Future Generation”

Purple Team Borderless Arts Chant

Down with the nasty water! Save our sassy otters!

Purple Team MTSU Flag

Purple Team Borderless Arts Flag


This Team is led by artist Amy Smart with an environmental partner of Tennessee Environmental Council.

Team Members include:  Abby Finch, Trevor Holden, Austin King, Stas McConkey, Chris Moody, Claire Rader, Beverly Raudy, Jennifer Scallorn, Langston Smart, Noah Torian, Morgan Vice.


Turquoise Team Craft

” This 3 1/2 foot long boat, constructed of 146 discarded plastic drink bottles,  was inspired by both the large Canada Goose population and the large amount of plastic debris found on Tennessee’s waterways; hence our slogan of “Don’t be a Goose,  Keep Your Trash From Getting Loose!”.

Turquoise Team Chant:

Don’t Be a Goose

Keep Your Trash From Getting Loose.


Turquoise Team Borderless Arts Chant

Turquoise Team Is The Dream

Water Warriors Reign Supreme

Being Smart Saves Our Waves

Being Smart Saves The Day


Turquoise Team MTSU Flag


Turquoise Team Borderless Arts Flag

Statement from The Environmental Partner

Tennessee Environmental Council

Our Mission: Educating and advocating for the conservation and improvement of Tennessee’s environment, communities, and public health.

Our Vision: A Tennessee that embraces natural resources as the backbone of our communities, economy and quality of life for all present and future generations.

Tennessee has over 60,000 miles of rivers and streams and more than 75,000 acres of lakes that source our domestic, agricultural and industrial water supply1. We all live in a watershed and when we take care of the watershed, rivers and streams, we are rewarded by cleaner drinking water, better recreational opportunities, healthier fish, and a better environment and economy. The Council’s Watershed Support Center, works with local communities to educate, conserve and restore the health of Tennessee’s watersheds, including healthy urban and rural forests, for people, plants and animals. Check out our downloadable watershed guidebook- the “Citizen Action Guide for Watershed Restoration.

The most recent watershed data about Tennessee shows that more than half of our state’s rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands are impaired, or in poor biological health.  These waters are the source of our drinking water supplies, and where we go fishing, float, swim and irrigate our crops.

Our Watershed Support program engages communities in watershed health and provides services to reduce flooding and improve and conserve Tennessee’s drinking water supplies. These goals are achieved through education, installation of green infrastructure including revegetating stream banks with native trees and grasses and installing and maintaining rain gardens.





This Team is led by artist Carlos Calderon with an environmental partner of Tennessee Wildlife Resources.

Team Members include:  Maria Hite, Jeshuva Keophilawanh, Hope McKee, Thomais Moshopoulos, Benit Munendi,   Christina Sayaboun, Logan Stepp, Angela Sysourath, Ben Onyekwelu, William Vaughan,  Brent Williamson,  Kalealani


Yellow Team Craft

Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to raise awareness for the water crisis plaguing the Navajo community that relies heavily on its water system it is constantly overused and or polluted which is a detriment to the nation. With raising such awareness, it gives the Navajo Nation a voice in the time of crisis as it isn’t publicized as much today as important news. The Navajo people is respected nation that needs help from the community in order to help fix this water crisis that they are unfortunately going through. Borderless Arts, TN helps us through Water Warriors to achieve said goal and helps us build closer bonds with special needs individuals who can also assist through the process of raising such awareness. 


Vision Statement: 

Our Vision is to grow as individuals through the learning experience and helping of those in need. Not only does the project reinforce our future as individuals but as a team as well. This has taught us how to corporate as a team as well as the responsibilities of being part of a team. It has also led us to see the benefits of helping others who don’t have the luxury of have easy access water. Borderless Art, TN has given us the opportunity to grow and reinforce good habits and lessons that will stick with our team forever. 

Yellow Team MTSU Chant

“Hey Hey Ho Ho water pollution has got to go,

Go sun tribe, hey hey, go sun tribe hey hey!

Hey hey ho ho water conservation is a go,

Go sun tribe, Hey hey, go sun tribe hey hey!

Hey hey ho ho Potable water for the Navajo

Go sun tribe hey hey, go sun tribe, hey hey!”

“Keep it clean, Keep it fresh

Don’t make the earth a mess

The Navajo need H2O

Water is the way to go!”


Yellow Team Borderless Arts Chant

Yellow Team MTSU Flag


Yellow Team Borderless Arts Flag


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