Day Two of our whirlwind Borderless Arts TN trip to Florida was spent in Bradenton. Our participants presented to for the Sarasota Arts and Cultural Alliance at the Easter Seals facility in Bradenton. In this presentation, they explained their program and the Arty the Shark project.
Then our participants turned the tables and became teaching artists. They used a Kandinsky Art Technique they had learned in the Teapot Diplomat workshops (supported by Mark and Niki Antonini) and helped the children who attended their workshop make Kandinksy sharks.
We were treated to ice cream by Ryes & Nyes which is a company run by young adults with disabilities, but not before I was requested to do a surprise song and story time from my past teaching artist days…..we were killing time waiting for ice cream.
We included our thanks both verbally and in our PowerPoint to the Nashville Predators Foundation empowered by Smile Direct Club for their support of the Arty the Shark Program.
Everyone LOVED Arty and wanted their individuals photos with him. Thanks to Lauren Emery Rudd for being our teaching artist on this program.