Borderless Arts Tennessee offers a fun, enriching array of arts programming all year and throughout the state for youth with and without disabilities, as well as for teachers looking for resources to guide talented students in the arts.

Ambassadors of Borderless Arts TN

Students at Middle Tennessee State University have formed a student organization that is connected to Borderless Arts Tennessee. This student organization receives lectures and workshops that assist them in knowing more about disabilities and how to utilize the arts when working with people with disabilities. The group also learns fund raising and event planning skills by assisting Borderless Arts Tennessee with its programs and by offering their own programs on campus. Learn More

Artist Residencies

Borderless Arts Tennessee provided 16 residencies in special education classrooms and community center locations in which artists used their art form to assist the young people in reaching educational and behavioral goals. The lesson plans and evaluations of these residencies were compiled and provided to the TN Dept of Education and placed on the Borderless Arts TN website for the use of all educators. These residencies were supported by the TN Dept of Education and the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Corporate Arts Program

Corporate Arts is a program in which young people work with a professional artist on a commissioned piece of art for a corporation teaching the young people both artistic and business skills.

Cups Of Cooperation

The Clay Lady Studio hosts an annual event each year in which the artists in this cooperative create cups that are on sale and the proceeds go to Borderless Arts Tennessee. This event also includes breakfast refreshments, games, tours of the artists’ studios and demonstrations by the artists as well as performances by Borderless Arts Tennessee musicians. The event raises more money each year for Borderless Arts TN as well as providing exposure for our performing artists and a partnership with artists in the community.

Dulcimer Choir

Borderless Arts Tennessee works in partnership with the Blair School of Music to offer a Dulcimer choir for young people with Autism. This choir involved weekly lessons on how to play the dulcimer as well as group practices. The group performs at various events in the community and provides the participants with the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument, learn social skills, and demonstrate artistic talents.


Each year, Borderless Arts Tennessee coordinates at least 4 exhibitions that showcase the work of artists with disabilities. These exhibitions provide exposure and professional development for visual artists with disabilities as well as a networking opportunity for the artists with local galleries and the community.


Each year, Borderless Arts Tennessee coordinates 2-3 festivals. Borderless Arts Tennessee and Best Buddies join together each Oct for an annual Halloween Bash. The festivals are social gatherings with music and arts for individuals with disabilities.

International day of Persons With Disabilities

This is a one-day event that is tied to the United Nations in which Borderless Arts TN showcases dance, music and visual arts at the Sumner County Tourism free and open to the public. 

Online Auction

Borderless Arts Tennessee hosts an annual auction online. This auction’s primary role is to raise funds for Borderless Arts Tennessee. However, as part of the auction, visual art by artists with disabilities and music CD’s by musicians with disabilities are sold through the auction. In the case of the sales of art by artists with disabilities, the artists typically get a percentage of the sale unless they specifically state that they wish to donate all proceeds to Borderless Arts Tennessee. This project helps Borderless Arts Tennessee fund programs for people with disabilities while also providing exposure for artists with disabilities and often cash revenue for artists with disabilities.

Reflecting Realities Theater Program

A theater program that began in the summer of 2017 and is held in partnership with the Sumner Teen Center in Gallatin for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Special Programs

Each year, Borderless Arts Tennessee takes on at least one unique program that is not part of its annual list of programs. In 2015, it ran a 40-day digital arts festival to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the VSA program. During this project, the organization also worked on a quilt with quilt pieces from all over the country and all over the world that has become part of the US Department of State’s Art in Embassies Program. In 2016, Borderless Arts Tennessee celebrated its 15th anniversary with a large event of performances, music and visual arts. In 2017, the organization has worked on the creation of a public mural project on 12 walls around a children’s playground in Hendersonville TN.

Spring Event

This is Borderless Arts Tennessee’s fundraising event to assist us in covering general operating expenses. This event is a costume event that changes themes each year. Besides raising funds for Borderless Arts Tennessee, the event also features performances by artists with disabilities and an art exhibition of visual artists with disabilities. The performing artists are paid and the visual artists receive a percentage of sales. This program helps support Borderless Arts Tennessee while providing exposure and revenues for artists with disabilities.

Teapot Diplomats

The mission is to provide instruction on new art techniques, expose young people to various artists, promote our young artists’ talents, use the arts for community engagement projects, extend our connections in the arts globally and enhance professional development of our artists. Learn More  

Young Soloist

A Statewide music competition for vocalists and instrumentalists. The program also includes workshops and performance opportunities.



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