Borderless Arts Tennessee is honored to have been provided a contract from the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to provide residencies in schools in which the arts are being used to teach science concepts related to water.

The photos above come from a residencies that was recently completed by artist Dee Kimbrell at Station Camp Middle School in Hendersonville. The class read “A Long Walk to Water”, a book about a Sudanese girl who walks two hours each way to fetch water from a well. The students wrote down some questions that they video taped and sent to a sister school in Capetown, South Africa. The students from Africa responded with their own video taped answers.

In addition, Mike Tomlinson of Kangen Water Wellness in Hendersonvile who sells alkaline water, demonstrated the acidity of beverages to the children.

The students created a giant water drop out of recycled plastic bottle tops. The art is currently on display at the school. It will eventually go to Kangen Water Wellness and be displayed their for customers to view.

In addition, a residency was also conducted by Bailey Earith at Alcoa High School in East TN. In this residency, the students researched animals that live in the ocean. The students then created sculptures based on their research and gave presentations on the animal they selected using their sculptures.