Water Warriors is coming!!!!

This is an amazing fun filled day that will take place on Saturday, April 4 in Memorial Park in Hendersonville TN from 9am-1pm.

The event consists of 5 teams working under the artistic direction of a professional artist to create a piece of floating art with a water conservation theme.  The art is raced on the lake.  Prizes are given for best conservation message, most creative and the race winner.

We are still seeking:

1) 2 Team members.  Each of the 5 teams has 12 team members and we are still in need of 2 more individuals.

2) Conservation Partners.  The conservation partner is a nonprofit or a for project organization that has a mission for environmental accountability.  The partner provides one person to work on one of the teams.  In return, the partner received their name on the back of the T-shirts, name on their piece of art, name on all promotional materials and the ability to distribute information about their organization at the event.We are still seeking 2 partners.

3) Financial supporters.  This project is currently supported by the Memorial Foundation, First Horizon, and an EXL grant from Middle Tennessee State University.  We are still seeking an additional $500 in support to help cover costs.  Anyone who donates $100 or more will receive their name on the back of the T-shirts

Be a Water Warrior and Get involved today!