Borderless Arts will once again have a digital art show at the Nashville Airport. This will take place on April 1.
This year the art will be a Tribute to the 80th anniversary of the WWII Battle of the Bulge. All mediums are acceptable.
Here are some ideas:
1) If you have been participating in the Meet the Masters workshops, send us a photo of some of the work you have completed
2) Take a photo of a WWII monument in TN or a WWII training field or a WWII airplane.
3)Create your own piece of art that is a tribute to the Battle of the Bulge.
This could be a drawing, painting, 3-D art, or digital art.
How do you enter?
Email a photo of your art to by Friday, March 8 at 5pm.
Notification of acceptance will go out the week of March 11.
We plan to accept approximately 12 pieces of art.
If you have questions, please contact Borderless Arts TN at