Souper Bowl VIII will be celebrated Wednesday, January 31 from 6-8pm at the Clay Lady Studios, 1416 Lebanon Pike in Nashville.

The Souper Bowl is a partnership with the Tennessee School for the Blind, Borderless Arts and the Clay Lady.  Students at the Tennessee School for the Blind create clay bowls and creation that will be on display at a reception at the Clay Lady.  The reception is free and open to the public and includes refreshments and entertainment by Samantha Campbell and Daniele Nunnelee.

Those who attend are asked to bring a can of soup which will be donated to a soup kitchen.  Participants can also place money in their favorite bowl.  This year the money will go to a new theater program for individuals with disabilities.  Therefore,through this program young people with disabilities are using the arts to help other young people with disabilities enjoy the arts.  In addition, they are using the arts to gather food for those in need.

The program was started with the concept of using clay bowls to gather soup for others in time for the Super Bowl.

The program is funded by the Friends of Tennessee School for the Blind.