Final photos from last night’s Borderless Arts TN Christmas party Painting with a Twist. Last summer, Borderless Arts was doing an international art project and Lizzie Branch Markham had just joined us for the first time. To make conversation, I asked her if she could go anywhere in the world, where would she go. Without missing a beat, she said she would go to the Lowe’s Headquarters in North Carolina. Since that time, all of Lizzie’s art is dedicated to Lowes as was her character in drama camp this summer. I asked Lowe’s if there was something I could get that would be personal to Lizzie. In a surprise move, they took this idea and created an entire bucket of items for Lizzie with her own vest with her name on it. They also agreed to host a workshop for our participants next year and help with Water Warriors (and I was just hoping for a smock….ha). Thank you Lowe’s Home Improvement. I think the expression on Lizzie’s face says it all. We so appreciate your support. Thanks to Karen Perry and Penny Ray for getting these photos.