Borderless Arts Tennessee’s Teapot Diplomats are honored to partner with IFC on 3 projects in the next 3 months that will be exhibited at National Park Sites.. The IFC develops community programs that create collaborative opportunities in the arts and civic engagement. IFC programs link learning and creativity in the arts to science, math, engineering, and the humanities.

The IFC limits our participation number to 5 participants and those include: Austin King, Lizzie Markham, Hope McKee, Thomais Moshpoulos, and Jon Pfeiffer. Thank you to Alice Markham for the donation of fabric.

These 5 young artists will be making art for:
The John Day Fossil Beds National Monument with a theme of Palm Trees and Crocodiles

The Hopewell Culture National Historic Park with a theme of Every Earthwork Tells a Story

Mammoth Cave with a theme of The Role of Women in the National Parks.

The participants just mailed their first artistic creations to the John Day site for an exhibition that will run from Dec. 1-March 31 in Oregon.