Borderless Arts has partnered with VSA Hellas in Athens Greece for numerous projects over the past 4 years. This time the partnership was in preparation for International Day of People with Disabilities.

VSA Hellas sent photos of paintings by Christina Vassiloglou. Her work has been exposed on many occasions in Greece and abroad, including the “Everything Museum” in London. Christina’s favorite subject to paint are musicians. She sent several photos of her paintings of musician groups in Athens. Teapot Diplomats studied her style and used it as a model to create their own paintings about musicians in the United States.

VSA Hellas also sent photos of a project that they did with their participants in which they created silhouettes and then placed images within the silhouettes of some of their favorite things. The Teapot Diplomats also mimicked this project with their own art.

All of the art will be shown tonight at the International Day of People with Disabilities at the Sumner Tourism, 2310 Nashville Pike, Gallatin.

Thanks to Filareti Papadopoulou for organizing the support from Greece.

As always, thanks to the support of Mark and Niki Antonini for their support of the Teapot Diplomat Program.