Borderless Arts completed its first Teapot Diplomat project outside of middle TN. Bailey Earith worked in East TN on an international exchange project with Australia. Australia says: Australia:”Our handprints are done using white ochre. The ochre was made by our Aboriginal Education Coordinator who ground up rocks to turn them into a paste. Ochre has been used by Australian Aboriginals for tens of thousands of years and is still used today, especially during ceremony. Although ochre comes in a variety of colors, it was important for us to use white. This is because white handprints symbolize children and youth, while some colors signify Aboriginal Elders and are a mark of respect. Aboriginal designs were selected to reflect something that student wanted to express about himself/herself”

Bailey stated that the TN Diplomats used “Red and blue hands with white Native American hieroglyphics. Colors chosen to represent American and TN flags.”