VSA Tennessee continues to race across Tennessee with the arts through artist residencies focused on using the arts to enhance math and science skills with the theme of cars.

The most recent residency was led by artist Jennie Harriman at Holston Valley Elementary in Bristol TN. The students learned woodworking skills to make their own cars. The students were then treated to a field trip of the Bristol Motor Speedway courtesy of Claudia Byrd. This residency was just fantastic.

One of the teachers said this,” The art sessions provided to my self contained special education class by Ms. Jennie Harriman was top notch. She made it a point to provide a variety of materials specific to student interests and abilities. My students were so excited to see their favorite things displayed in the decoration options for their cars! It was a great experience for my students to get to try out new tools and art materials that most of them had never even seen before. I was especially impressed and thankful that Ms. Harriman made sure to adapt materials to meet the needs of my students with physical disabilities. The experience was so much fun from beginning to end, with the trip to BMS being the icing on the cake. We are so blessed to have been given this opportunity for our students, and we remain thankful for the tracks and cars that were left at our school for our students to continue to enjoy!”

The residency program is supported through contracts from the TN Dept of Education and the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.