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2019-2020 Borderless Arts Cirriculum Guide

2018-2019 Borderless Arts Curriculum Guide

2017-2018 Borderless Arts Curriculum Guide

2016-2017 Curriculum Guide

2015-2016 VSA Curriculum Guide

2014 VSA Curriculum Guide

Careers in Music – A Transition Guide to the Performing Arts

The Golden Ratio 2016 – video

The Golden Ratio – A Curriculum Guide

Teaching Artist Resources


Educator & Artist Training 

Borderless Arts Tennessee provides training opportunities for Educators to learn how to incorporate the arts into curriculum to help meet educational and behavioral goals.  In addition, Borderless Arts TN offers training to artists who would like to begin to work with populations of individuals with disabilities.


Professional Development for Artists with Disabilities

Some of Borderless Arts Tennessee’s programs have components of professional development built into them such as the Teapot Diplomat program and the Corporate Arts Program.  The organization is currently building more professional development into the Young Soloist program for musicians.


The webinar page also has a lot of good information and resources for professional development for artists with disabilities.  These are short online training resources.

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